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Skills for the Future: Economic & Social Impact of the Creative Industries

Skills For the Future Summit 2019, Barbados

A few weeks ago, I attended the ‘Skills for the Future Summit 2019’ in Barbados. It was exciting to interact with a number of agencies, business owners and enthused individuals who all agree that there’s a need to further develop and enhance certain critical skills in today's fast-paced economy.

A number of speakers highlighted the part that we can play in making the changes necessary to encourage persons to pursue careers and enhance skills relevant to the blue, green, digital and creative economy.

Highlighting the Creative Industries

Of course, I was particularly excited about the role of the creative industries sector as a tool for innovation and sustainable development. The creative economy is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. In addition to the economic advantages, the creative economy brings tremendous value that simply cannot be measured in monetary terms, and is vital to people-centred and social development. It’s therefore critical that we continue to foster creativity, innovation and experimentation through encouragement, education and investment as it relates to the creative industries.


The beauty about the creative industries is that it facilitates a number of professions and even spills over into a number of other sectors, thereby having a broad impact on the wider economy as a whole.

The Role of Lawyers in Supporting the Creative Industries

As a lawyer, I am often asked about the importance of the law to creatives and the future of their respective businesses in this new creativity-dominated era. One thing is for certain, in order for creatives to thrive, they must be supported by sound legal and regulatory environments as well as a solid policy framework. Creatives encounter a host of legal issues regarding:

  • regulatory compliance;

  • funding;

  • business operations;

  • access to global markets; and

  • intellectual property rights.

Creative businesses and entrepreneurs therefore require effective legal advice and guidance in the management of their creative pursuits.

Continued Support for the Creative Sector

Without a doubt, the creative sector benefits tremendously when the necessary infrastructure is put in place to guide and support its overall growth. When we continue to advocate for our creative sector, this in turn will have an impact on job creation & retention, wealth creation, the empowerment of people, the well-being of our communities, and the strengthening of our economy.

If you are a creative business owner or an individual or agency within the creative sector, and you'd like to further discuss how our office could possibly meet your specific goals, click here to arrange a session with us or schedule a call today.

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